Popular Cardiff restaurant Potted Pig loses thousands after more than 70 no-shows during graduation week

Cameron Calder

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September 12, 2022

Cameron is QZee's CEO and Co-Founder. He & his team founded QZee with the goal of devising a smart, deposit free solution to the problem of no-shows and last-minute cancellations, which is costing UK businesses billions of pounds every year.



A well-liked Cardiff restaurant has been significantly hurt by the significant number of cancellations & no-shows during graduation week.

During graduation week, The Potted Pig in Cardiff’s High Street suffered record no-shows, including 40 in a single day. While we have found that, on average, around one in four bookings can result in a no-show or last-minute cancellation, this is much worse on busy days.

Potted Pig – “We have had to turn bookings away prior to this week as we were fully booked and those tables then find elsewhere to eat. Walk-ins on graduation day are few and far between – no one wants to risk having nowhere to go.” Turning away bookings is something we aim to avoid at every stage.

Potted Pig – “So far this week we have already lost a few thousand in revenue compared to our forecast with those bookings being filled – luckily our food wastage is low as we order in fresh each day depending on what is needed. Staff were sent home, which also meant this affected their salaries.” Food waste can be much more of an issue depending on the situation.

The Potted Pig is below a branch of Zizzi on High Street, Cardiff (Image: Google Street View)

These problems are simply not rectified by deposits! An average spend per person of around £25 is a loss of almost £1000 in a single day. QZee’s core package costs £40 a month. The restaurant also mentions – “Yes we do take a deposit for each table but this is nowhere near what the revenue would be of a full table eating three courses with drinks.” Further backing up our commitment to these issues.

Being fearful of busy days because of the loss of revenue it can bring is something we aim to root out. Busy days are great! Yes, they come with major challenges; sometimes, you just need a smarter solution.

Busy days like graduation tend to be booked up weeks & months in advance, meaning advanced preparation is required for every booking even though a large amount may not show up, this is often seen as an unavoidable loss. We disagree. The venue also stated that walk-ins to make up the losses were doubtful with their current model. Unfortunately, people just don’t know if those spaces are available. Nobody looks to book for last-minute options! This is where QZee comes in.

Yes, we do take a deposit for each table, but this is nowhere near what the revenue would be of a full table eating three courses with drinks.

A spokesperson for the Potted Pig mentioned, “In still some of the hardest times for independents with now ridiculous energy rises, it is another kick in the teeth. Independents are back on their knees – we are fully aware that everyone is struggling now, but please be mindful of how your actions can affect others.” There has never been a more key time to help these businesses, and it’s something all of us at QZee champion. 

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