Valentines Day No-Shows in Cardiff

Cameron Calder

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March 7, 2022

Cameron is QZee's CEO and Co-Founder. He & his team founded QZee with the goal of devising a smart, deposit free solution to the problem of no-shows and last-minute cancellations, which is costing UK businesses billions of pounds every year.


Yet another example of the problems businesses face with no-shows…

Traditional reservation systems are more susceptible during times of high volume. As demonstrated by the preceding article. Any firm employing typical booking techniques would almost certainly experience a certain amount of no-shows. Deposits are a necessary countermeasure, but they will never equal the amount of a paying consumer, and businesses rely significantly on them despite their severe unpopularity.

Rob (the owner) says “I’ve seen similar things across social media so it does seem like a bit of a problem. We buy the stock and arrange staffing based on our bookings” & “When we have half as many bookings, we’ve got twice as many staff around. The chef is making half as many meals and all that fresh stock is a waste.”

Rob has highlighted two clear ways businesses lose out with no-shows. Staffing & stock purchasing. Deposits do not solve these problems, there is still a large inefficiency present.

Additionally Rob says “It’s just the courtesy to pick up the phone and let people know. We understand totally that plans change and anything can happen. Just do your best to let the venue know they can arrange alternative bookings.” 

We have the smart solution for that Rob…

We’ll handle this for the customer and confirm this with travel time vs booking time, as well as providing frequent live updates and reminders. Together with our virtual walk-ins, we can correctly forewarn, reschedule, and automatically optimise reservations to develop the ideal digital scheduling solution for tackling these issues head-on. Keep it simple, replace and optimise your reservations that same day!

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