The Shocking Amount Hair Salons Lose Every Year Because of No-Shows

Cameron Calder

Posted on

March 7, 2022

Cameron is QZee's CEO and Co-Founder. He & his team founded QZee with the goal of devising a smart, deposit free solution to the problem of no-shows and last-minute cancellations, which is costing UK businesses billions of pounds every year.


Yet another shocking example on the effect of no-shows…

This article is based on the experiences of numerous hairdressing shops that have attempted a range of strategies with varied degrees of success to combat no-shows. Deposits, reminders, and warnings for repeat offenders have all been introduced.

However, the industry continues to lose around £1.2 billion annually in the United Kingdom owing to no-shows. Unfortunately, some degree of absence is nearly impossible to eliminate with the present systems, despite the fact that time is a precious commodity. Businesses consider this loss as acceptable due to the absence of a better alternative.

The article itself explains why they do not want deposits, since they recognise that unforeseen circumstances may have led to the missed appointment. If, for example, an appointment was missed due to an emergency, they would see taking a deposit as unethical. We recognise that indeed companies prefer to avoid working with them whenever possible.

Until QZee…

Our MVP does not currently target this industry. To do this, we must simply develop a separate module for adding services, timetables, and assigning them to workers. This will be implemented in a future release.

Watch this space barbers & salons!

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