The Effect of No-Shows on SME’s

Wales Online found that a pub in Cardiff had turned away over 50 people in order to facilitate 34 customers who didn’t turn up. With Qzee, these customers could have instantly notified the owner and saved the pub hundreds of pounds.

The Shocking Amount Hair Salons Lose Every Year Because of No-Shows

This study found that 44% of respondents had admitted to missing a hair appointment, and this costs the industry more than 1.2 billion pounds a year.

Valentines Day No-Shows in Cardiff

Valentines day is one of the busiest days of the year for the hospitality industry, but what would you do if half of your bookings for the entire night didn’t show up?

Popular Cardiff restaurant Potted Pig loses thousands after more than 70 no-shows during graduation week

It follows hundreds of students left queuing for hours waiting for their graduation robes

marias tavern

Wasted Food, No-Shows & Rising Costs Severely Impacting Local Businesses

No-Shows, Empty Tables, Food Wasted & Rising Costs. Huge issues that are impacting businesses near you. QZee has the most reliable solution.